Trevor Named “NextHomie of the Month”

NextHomie of the Month

So if you know anything about Trevor at all, you know that he does NOT like drawing attention to himself, and he SURE don’t like being celebrated in any way. It just messes with his humility and bouts with low self-esteem WAY too much, and causes him all kinds of discomfort.

However. Having read the book on shameless self-promotion for real estate agents from cover to cover, he cannot let an opportunity like this slip by without blabbing it up a bit. Don’t worry though. Within a matter of minutes, he’ll get back to quietly helping people, far away from the cameras and the accolades because that’s just what he loves to do (and for no other reason).

As you’ve all heard before (I’m sure), Trevor recently helped raise $, and coordinate the replacement of an elderly friends’ roof, which then lead to his house being painted, and then having new gutters installed on it after that. It was a fun and beautiful project that came together because of the love and generosity of LOTS of people here in the Treasure Valley.

That project was coming together during a time of trials of various kinds across this entire country, division among people, and LOTS of bad news in the media, so when Maggie O’Mara of KTVB in Boise caught wind of it, she asked if she could help spread some good news with a story about it, and Trevor reluctantly agreed.

Somehow, NextHome corporate down in Pleasanton California also found out about the effort to replace Richard’s roof, and they named Trevor “NextHomie of the Month” for the month of October! Again. More discomfort for him here, but with thousands upon thousands of other like-minded NextHomies across this country (who also love to help people); he is truly honored!

“Thanks SO much NextHome, and thanks again to ALL of the many kind, loving, and generous people who pitched in in so many ways to help our friend Richard! I really appreciate you all, and he does too!”

Okay. Back to quietly helping people behind the scenes…

Have fun everybody, and if you’d like to see Maggie’s story on KTVB, click the top link below, and if you have 8.5 more minutes to spare, you can burn those up by clicking the bottom link and watching Trevor’s interview with NextHome’s Culture Committee Chair Shawn Carrol, as he giggles and attempt to form legible sentences for yet another camera.

And by the way. If you or someone you know is considering the sale of a house, or the purchase of a home, please reach out to Trevor ANY time! He’ll be both thrilled and honored to (quietly) help you out in any way that he can!